Complex CMS nest problem

Hi all,

I know this is a very complex question but if someone can help it saves my day.

What I need to do is create a dynamic CMS page for the client’s Programs (every program has a category, description, location, and time), and within every program, there are also specific events (they also have their own description, location, time but also can have photos/videos).

Is there a way to do it with CMS?

Also sending a link to how it might look like: LINK
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You can 100% accomplish this with Webflow’s CMS.
I’d create a collection named “Programs” and add the fields for the categories, description, location, time. Then, create another CMS collection for the “Specific Events” with the fields you mentioned above.

Using Webflow’s “Multi-reference” field in the CMS, you can now have a dynamic page for each Program which would then pull content from it’s multi-reference CMS partner collection (ie. Program 1 would be multi-referenced to Special Event 1)

Now on the dynamic Programs page, you would link any Specific Event content (text, images) to the Multi-reference field you made earlier. Hope this provides some sort of clarity, explaining CMS is difficult for sure!

Thank you very much for your response.

But will this work also if there are more than 5 events? Because I need to upload multi-reference as a nest collection right? So it’s very limiting.

I would not use a multi-ref in this case.
Use a single ref from the Event to the Program- this gives you a lot more versatility.

However to create your views you’d either use Finsweet’s CMS Nest, or you’d use custom code to assemble your layout.

Thank you!

My problem now is that I need to build my collection on CMS template page. So Finsweet do not seems to work. Or should it work even there?

Yep that’s fine. Not sure what you’re asking. Scripts, including Finsweet’s libraries, can run on any page of your site.