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Hello there,

I would like to put my event type of pages into CMS, let’s call it EVENT CMS.
I have various type of products with various type of events like Infonights, Workshop and Meetups (to each product).
My colleagues and external presenters hold presentations at these events but of course not all of them for all events.

I would like to generate event pages where each unique events has a unique list of presenters like:

Product A Infonight presenters: Peter, Anna.
Product B Workshop presenters: Mark, Petra and Barbara.

How could I create these CMS generated event pages?


Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/greenfox?preview=0c057ae9e754f9f8c31691cd50f31c07

Hey @torceee here’s how I can envision this working. Create three CMS collections.

  • Event Calendar collection
  • Presentations collection
  • Presenters collection

The Event Calendar would have a multi-reference field connected to the Presentations. This will bring in all the presentations for that event and display them on the Event template page using a collection list.

The Presentations would have a multi-reference field connected to the Presenters. This way each presentation can be assigned multiple presenters. They would appear on the Presentation template page. If you want the names of the presenters on the Event template page, you will need to use multiple single-reference fields. In the future when we get nested dynamic lists this will be possible through a multi-ref field too.

So the flow of info/pages goes from big picture to small picture as they drill down Events→Presentations→Presenters

You could also have a Locations collection that is referenced by the Events collection. Also a Rooms collection could be referenced by the Presentations. A profession collection could be referenced by the Presenters and so on and so on. There really is a lot of depth and dynamics that you could build here depending on the data you have to work with.

I see from your share link that you have a lot of collections already. It’s really about looking at the relationships between the data and giving it a hierarchy or flow that is intuitive to the visitor.

Here’s a great read from the blog about this topic. Hope this helps.

Also you could cast a vote on the wishlist for nested collections. It sounds like it would be useful for you too.



I voted that up! :wink:

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