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Favicon doesn't show properly

I uploaded my favicon for my website. But on the live version it shows the Webflow fav.
How can I “hard push” my favicon ? (it’s on 32x32)


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Hey @Jed

You are using custom code or the settings in the Webflow dashboard?

Here’s some info >

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hey @Jed,

Like @PiterDimitrov suggested, I would upload the favicon directely via the Webflow dashboard setting. That way, you can also very easily upload a webclip image etc… Bellow is a picture:

Hope that helps !

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that’s what I do, via the settings dashboard, not custom code and it doesn’t work :confused:

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Hmm that’s strange. You need to publish the project after uploading a new fav, but maybe you know this :smile:

Ahah yes I know, still doesn’t work hmmm

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Can you share link to the site?

for sure,

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The favicon works for me :smile:

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also works for me :slight_smile: try empty your browser cache maybe.


You’re right, it works. Sorry for disturbing :slight_smile: You can close this subject :smiley:
Thanks a lot !

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