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How to successfully change favicon?

I’ve changed my favicon in the dashboard, but unfortunetaly, the regular blue Webflow icon still shows up after I’ve published the site and reloaded the page many times.

What should I do?

Hmm, it seems to work for me in Firefox and Safari, so something seems to be the matter with Chrome. I’m trying to figure out why…

Thanks! Let me know if you find out a solution!

It appears that there might be something wrong with the favicon.ico file that you’ve uploaded, but I’m not sure what it is. When I try other favicons (e.g. the webflow one), they work fine. If I generate a new one (e.g. using this tool:, it also works fine in Chrome. So I’m wondering if there’s something peculiar about the .ico file that you made that is tripping up Chrome. Can you try to run your image through and see if it helps?

Great! It’s working, thank you so much!

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Awesome, glad I could help!

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Hello! I have the same problem now. In Chrome, the Webflow icon shows up instead of mine. I used but it didn´t help neither.
Would also be ok to show no favicon, but i can´t publish the site with the webflow favicon.
Any idea what i can do?

Having exactly the same problem: can’t remove the webflow favicon in Chrome tabs… in my case on exported sites. Does anyone know where I can edit this? I’ve searched the code in vain…

Any help appreciated!!!

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