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Favicon, Webclick issue

I’m just starting with Webflow and fallowing my online course, I have encountered some difficulties with publishing my website (part of the course’s project) after uploading my own favicon and webclick. After I click Publish → Publish to Selected Domains, my website still has a branded Webflow favicon. Could someone advised on that?
Many Thanks in advance!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hello @Nitka

Can you share a screenshot of your project settings, more specifically panel where you can update favicon. Also preview and live links of your website might be of some help.



I’m sharing the Read-Only link for the first time. Hope, I did all correctly.

Screenshot of my Project Settings:

Read-Only link:

Not sure, how to share the preview.

I look forward to hear from you.

Many thanks!


Your favicon is showing up as expected, you might have cache filled which is why you might not be seeing new favicon, try opening your website in incognito mode and you can

And if by any chance when you say favicon you mean the badge that is on the bottom right of your website, that is not a favicon, that is a badge of webflow branding which will disappear once you add custom domain or pay hosting or any of the premium features I think.

By favicon, I meant the icon that shows on a browser tab, where before uploading my own, was a little Webflow branded square ‘W’.

So just to confirm, my own favicon is visible correctly, yes?

Yeah, it is to me. You are probably not able to see it because your browser stored some parts of your website in cache memory and still remembers it as having wf icon because it saw it too many times with that icon. If you go to incognito mode, it doesn’t use cache, you’ll be able to see the new icon.

Thank you!!

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