Exporting css and blog disappear

Hi everyone,

I was exporting my latest website and once that I’ve uploaded the website css zip to another hosting the blogs content disappeared,

How can I fix this, I would really appreciate any idea or resolution…!


This is the website currently online: www.ortodonziadigitale.pro

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - ORTODONZIADIGITALE.PRO

this the zip exported: Google Drive: Sign-in

Example of the issue:

Hi @Damiano_Cuogo, thanks for your post.

I took a look at the blog page in the designer and it seems that you are using the CMS for the blog versus creating static content:

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When exporting from Webflow the CMS content is not exported together with the design, CMS features require that the site be hosted in Webflow.

You can export the design elements, but to get the cms content, you would need to export the blog collection as CSV file, then you could manually re-integrate your blog content after export using your own tools.

See how to “Export Collection content

Here is more info on the general export of static pages and designs from Webflow: “Code export

If you wish to use CMS hosting in Webflow with the page, a cms hosting plan is needed, here is how to “Manage site plans

I hope this helps

Thank you, unfortunately it seems complicated.

how can I create static content has a blog? I just need those articles only for “Fill-up the pages”

Hi @Damiano_Cuogo, thanks for your reply.

To export with content, you must create static design elements with static content.

If you want to copy your content on the Blog Post template page to a static page, you can do this by removing the field connections from the elements on the Blog Post Template page, then copy and paste those elements to a static page and update the text and images to use static content, or create new static design elements.

After those things have been updated on a static page, you can export and the content will also be exported.

Here is and article that shows how to disconnect collection fields from design elements: Modify a collection | Webflow University

Here is an article that shows how to create pages: Pages panel overview | Webflow University

If there are design elements in your pages that are bound to collection lists or used on collection template pages that are connected to fields in the collection, those fields are not exported and you have to use static text and static images etc.

I hope this helps

Thank you Cyberdave, extremely appreciate your effort, I will do exactly as you said