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[SOLVED] Exported site is not working as on Webflow

Hi everyone,
I am pretty new on Webflow and i have this problem:

My site on Webflow is this:

But my exported site look very different:

I already used the option to Minified HTML in the site export, but the site still look really messed up.

Someone have an idea why is this?
I will really appreciate any help.


Hi @juanjo, Can you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like your read-only link, and screenshots of the elements in question really speed things up.

Posting guidelines can be found here: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi @cyberdave , thanks for the answer.
I leave the read-only link:

I can put some screenshots of my site, but, the complete site is not showed well, not just some elements. I think it’s because of the CSS. If you go to the URL
You can see that nothing it’s showed according to the styles on Webflow site

I leave you some screenshots examples:







Thanks for your help.

Hi @juanjo, I took a peek at your published site and an exported version and they appear to load identically on my end:

Published site:

Exported site:

It may be helpful to reach out to your hosting provider and make sure your server’s settings are set up correctly.

Hi @thewonglv , thanks for the answer.

I really don’t know what am i doing wrong. I export the site according to the indications in the tutorials and the support center. I tested the exported site in different environments, and i get the same result.

May i ask you How do you get the site in your local server?
Maybe is there some step that i missed to do.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @juanjo, it looks like a file upload problem to your own server, where the css files are not found in the css folder off the main root folder of the site.

I tried to check the published site on your own server, but I get 404 page not found from host gator. Could you please re-upload the files to the published url on your hostgator, then let me know so I can look at that again to see what the missing css errors are?

As Will mentioned, it may be necessary for your to contact your external site support if there are continuing issues with this.


Hi @cyberdave , thanks for your reply.

I already fixed the problem. It was the CSS style file generated.
For some reason the exported file has an apostrophe character (’) in the name of an image, and this break all the CSS styles and the browser is not longer reading it. I solved the problem escaping the character.

Thanks for your help.

Ok, good to know thanks for the update @juanjo. I am glad you got it working :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave