Blog Migration - content export problems

Hi, I need help with content exporting/importing. I’m doing a project this big for the first time and I am stuck. What I have: an outdated blog with approximately 800 posts with a focus on images. Naturally, I don’t want to copy-paste blog posts into Webflow CMS manually. The blog owner has all posts in Word files (which is not helpful). I have access to the current blog’s cms but I can’t really extract anything from there, such option is there but it’s unavailable. So I contacted a web development company that developed and maintains the current website, they are responsive and try to help but today they send me a zip folder 36GB in size with plenty of Chrome HTML Documents in it :astonished: It’s definitely not what I was expecting to see. I hoped for a CSV file :sleepy: Their message states that “Do to all of the images, this was the best way to get you this do data”. Okay, maybe that was the best way to extract but how do I import it now?
To sum up, I’m lacking experience in this matter and I don’t know how to build the proper communication with development company. Any input will be appreciated. Maybe I can work with what I already have, maybe there is a way to use html or word files or other ways to do it. Please ask your follow-up question, maybe I’m missing important points for you to understand the situation.

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