Error on backup

Just tried restoring a backup on a project we’ve been working on for months and received the following error “snapshot cannot be created while a snapshot is being created” I can now no longer access the designer, see the staging page. I need help asap as we’re presenting to a client Monday next week. It’s been like this for 28hrs and two tickets sent to support and no response.

Since this is an issue within the project itself and Webflow’s infrastructure no one in the community can render a resolution to your issue. You are in the queue and eventually Webflow should respond.

Great thank you. Typically I’m not one to complain and have been using webflow for many years now, but this is very frustrating due to it’s timing.

I with you. I have moved mission critical sites off Webflow where I can resolve any issue immediately. They really should have a priority support queue you can pay to jump into. That’s something I can offer my clientele when I am in control. Otherwise, our hands are tied.

Agreed and it course now boss is freaking out but I cannot do a thing…