SUPER FRUSTRATED WITH Webflow. It's just is one big GLITCH since updated interface

Now I can’t preview any of my site backups at all, it starts loading the backup and then gets stuck at 20% of the loading bar. I tried another browser, clearing cache, another computer. It’s not working.

And that is on top of designer freezing as hell, whenever I select a textbox it thinks for 2 seconds…everything is with a freeze.

And there is no LIVE support that I can reach with paying for the Agency plan, hosting 2 websites and many other clients we support that are hosted in Webflow. I’m very frustrated with only having email support.

I need to wait 2 business days with an email answer. Even godaddy has a support chat.

On top of that:

  • Memberships are raw, there is no way to link member account with e-commerce and do something as simple as showing an order history.

  • Limits everywhere… 15k items there, only 1 nested collection here.

  • GLITCHING Interactions. There is always a freeze or a jitter somewhere if even a bit. If I open a site and start interacting with it and notice that specific tiny glitch I am almost certain its made in Webflw. You can plugin GSAP or any external JS animation library and it works smoooth. But Webflow can’t even animate a text box without a glitch sometimes.

  • Exporting code now is like waiting for a train in Germany, even for a super empty landing page.

  • All collection ID’s are changed as soon as you restore from the backup. (the backup that I can’t even preview now)

  • It’s 2023 and editor still doesn’t support mobile.

  • I can write another list of issues with localization with the overcharged price. (main one: no ability to adjust the CSS for the localized translation, the German translation for a short English word can be super long , and then its ok in a paragraph but if you have a very specific heading position or a text inside a graphic it all goes astray)

AND ONE MORE super annoying bug is that the interactions often do not fit in the screen (MacBook 15 inch)

Ad I have to zoom out by 10% to get to set the show: none for example, because the area is not scrollable, and then go back to 100%
See screenshots:

I can continue on and on, I still think Webflow is the best frontend tool ever made, but these glitches and limits are just soo frustrating. It’s like you can built Almost perfect site…its great and you figured it out…but no …animation still jittered a bit (even with no custom code) on page load…darn it…

Can I please have a senior from Webflow support to look with me into this issue with backups and freezing Designer. I am on a time crunch with the project and I just can’t afford to wait for the email response. @cyberdave @callmevlad @timwastaken

I’ve got the same problem with backups not loading since today… super frustrating.

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Hey folks :wave: Regarding the issue you’re experiencing when previewing a backup, this may have been related to a known issue that we observed that our team has since deployed a fix for. Can you kindly try previewing a backup again to see if the issue is now resolved for you?

If you’re still having any trouble here, can you please submit a support ticket with us so we can look into this further: Webflow Support | Webflow

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It’s working again :v: Thanks Steve.