Cannot login to designer - cannot restore a backup

Reached out to support and hoping this is faster (sigh).
Cannot login to designer for a project and restoring a backup is getting me errors. I’m blocked.
I tried support@webflow and the form - no response.

Please help

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Skin, support is your only real option on something like this.
We probably can’t give any advice, but I’m curious what errors you’re getting?

48hrs later - no response from webflow support either by email or form submit
24hrs later - no response form Enterprise sales - I’m fine paying for better support.

Sad case for Webflow as a product.

Totally agree.
I do know they’re slammed after the holidays, catching up on a big email queue.

Hey I’ve just reread your message and I still don’t know what you’re seeing, but “can’t login to designer” makes me think you’re trying to open a project in designer view and it’s just not completing the load?

The most often scenario I’ve seen that happen is if I have an adblocker running, or some other Chrome extension that interferes and breaks the designer by changing/deleting code as it loads.

Just in case, I’d recommend try turning off all adblockers and see if your designer view opens. If that doesn’t happen, turn of all browser extensions and try again. If that doesn’t work, clear your browser cache entirely and try again.

I haven’t seen anyone reporting designer problems so it’s most likely something with your system setup.

So getting this when trying to load designer… stuck… Have tried safari, have had different users try to login and all are stuck.

Restore: I hit ok - and get an oops error

That’s helpful, and yes suspicious.
Are all of your users on the same network?

Hold on I’ll PM you.

Trying to do different backups

Different network… different users…

Thank you for your support - we’ve traced it down to 500 error

/api/sites/laser-facial-skinlaundry/dom?t=ID:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

ajax error: ‘Internal Server Error’ console. @ webflow-designer-bugsnag.GUID.js:1

ajax fail … status: 500, textSTatus: ‘error’, error: ‘Internal Server Error’, serverMessage: Could not load index page DOM console. @ webflow-designerbugsnag.GUID.js:1

AJAX FAIL! Http: 500, Status: ‘error’, Error: ‘Internal Server Error’

Now if only support would reach out :frowning:

Still waiting for support!

Resolved by webflow support

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