Backup Restore not working - Can't access site or Designer


I can’t access my site at all, or the designer and when I try and restore a backup it’s saying - Our servers encountered an unexpected error: A site with a database is being restored but the database cannot be found. This means I can literally do nothing!

I’ve emailed support but is there any way to get a faster response and resolution?


Was there any solution to this? I’ve just ran into the same issue.

The same here :rage:

I ended up having to contact support via email. They restored a back up for me to a new project and then transferred the hosting across. Was sorted within 4-5 hours. Email -

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I also just had the same issue… pretty upsetting.

Just ran through the same issue as well…

Had the same issue. Just emailed them. How is this so common?

HI Dan,

I’m experiencing the same problem, could you please let me know how long did it take for Webflow support to reply to your email?

I emailed them this morning and haven’t heard back.

Thank you.


My backup has 1 page in it and I hit publish hoping all would right itself.
Before: Could reach the published site.
After: Broken.

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Most bizarre about it, though, is that I can still open the designer when I click preview on a previous version (redirects designer, not preview, because it throws another error). But, there isn’t a way to publish from there.

I sent a couple of emails, started with URGENT PLEASE HELP. Good luck they are normally pretty good.

I could too and published a 1 page site…

But don’t worry they will be able to sort it.

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Nice. Hopefully quick.

I also messaged them on twitter “Meltdown at this post” [painfully-laughs] with a link to this thread.

Will update here if they reply

Hope they get back to us so I can avoid rebuilding the website from scratch again

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Just got a reply –
They restored from a prev. working version to a new project and transferred that project to me.
I have to transfer domains over, but they credited me one month for a new plan on the new project.

I had duplicated the project right before I hit the “break-everything-button”, but wanted to avoid the double-bill before I went-through with this course-of-action. Oh well.

Luckily our site isn’t publicly available yet, just deep-enough into the build to make a rebuild a non-option.

Once published, it will become SOP for our team to always duplicate before a restore, eat the bill, and have a working site while we work with support to get a billing credit.

I should also say that I asked if I can count on restoring from future backups on the new project. I was told that Webflow’s dev team team is working on it to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Hi Tylerskst,

They as well restored my project, and I’m now able to see my site.

Could you please list details how you were able to transfer your existing domain to the restored backup project?

I didn’t make any changes since as I don’t want to pay twice for the custom domain and the hosting plan.

Thank you

They added credit to my account. Then went through as if to pick a hosting plan again, I added this to my new project they set up after getting my restore back. It doesn’t say you have credit as it looks like it will charge but, but as long as they tell you that you have credit then you’ll be able to re add the hosting plan to your new project this way. Finally set up the DNS to point to new project.

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You shouldn’t need to adjust your DNS. Just delete them from the old project’s Settings > Hosting and add to the new one – If they sent you a credit it would be referenced in the second email you got (1st was the transfer notification, then about 5 min later, another with instructions).

We have business hosting, – it said something about “$45 credited to your account”. Of course, I’m not Webflow and I would make sure you reach out if this wasn’t brought up to you.

Alright. So with that squared-away.

  1. I added a plan in the new project.

  2. I hit publish on the broken site and published with all custom-domains unchecked (turned off). – Not sure that it really matters, but wanted to be sure there was nothing there.

  3. Delete the domains from the old-project’s settings (Settings/Hosting -> Click the Trash and Confirm)

  4. Add them to the new Project’s hosting and publish.

  5. Voila! A functional website, complete with all the same issues I had before I tried to restore, but I was more than happy to fix those manually haha

6. Don’t waste money. Go to your account/team settings and cancel billing for the broken project!

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