Enable booking for a membership website

Hi all, just joined this great community and I hope I can get some advice here on how should we setup our website technically. I am neither a designer nor developer so please bear with me in case my question is amateur.

We are a start-up with an idea to offer a monthly subscription-based membership community to enable our members to book third-party items, in line with the membership rules (how many days a week for example). I believe that webflow is the right platform for us to start with.

If possible, I would like to ask for some advises on how we should setup the website system in correct way.

  • Can we setup a proper sign-up and sign-in flow directly in webflow?
  • For logged-in users, they should be able to update their membership details.
  • If possible, we would like to offer a booking function for our logged-in users to book the third-party items. From beginning we can handle the inventory manually and no payment is required either. The key function is to let system to confirm the booking for the users and generate booking emails to us and all third-party suppliers.
  • A user admin page where user can see their existing bookings.
  • An admin page for us internal to review all the bookings.

Can someone please help us to suggest the correct setup, including plug-ins needed for achieve those functions?

Many thanks for your time

Hello @temacn

I know you posted this a while ago, but for anyone else wondering about this I figured it might be helpful to respond. I’m curious what solution you ended up going with – there are a couple of ways this can be done in Webflow.

I work for Memberstack, one of those options with many features that touch on the list items you included. Sing-up/sign-in with individual, customizable user profiles is pretty central to what we offer. Permissions can be set up which (depending on how you set them up) could put the bookings function inside of a member-only area.

As for the user admin page, here is a link to a quick tutorial we have on creating member-specific pages. Depending on how you design that on your site, users whould be able to see information that is particular to their interaction with your site.

Last, there are a couple ways to review bookings (again, depending on how you set it up). I could imagine some kind of CMS database hooked up to some spreadsheet (like Airtable or Google Sheets).

Again, I imagine that you’ve come up with a solution to this already, so I’d be most interested in discussing what worked for you. Also, if you (or anyone reading this) wants the link to the early access for Memberstack 2.0, you can click here.

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