Booking website

Hello there! I m looking to recreate a given site.

I’m looking for some help regarding how a booking system works in webflow. Do you have any resources? Also how to achieve a design like this using webflow would help too.

Hi Hamza,

I would say that yes this is possible.

Beyond a nice clean form design, I would recommend looking into Webflows integrations: Integrations | Calendars and scheduling | Webflow University

There would be a degree of integration and API knowledge required, if you want to look into more advanced functionality vs a simple form submission and an auto-reply to confirm.

You can use flow base as a nice jumping-off point for form design: Webflow Components & Assets | Flowbase

Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help but would need some more info in regards to what you’re struggling with in particular.

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Thanks a lot. I would like to ask you what would be the best option for creating user account, login and registration. And do we need a backend with that to build a booking system? If so, what would be third party app for that?

Hi Hamza,

That’s a tough question I wouldn’t really be able to give you a one size fits all answer.

It really depends on your use case and what actions you and your user need to take on the backend.

By using these integrations you’re really looking at having front end bookings that you can manage via the third parties backend/email.

If you’re looking to add a customer facing backend then Webflow would work brilliantly for designing and exporting the frontend but you’ll probably want to host it externally and build out the functionality for your backend separately.

Again this depends on you requirements so take a look at the features of the integrations and try and work out whether they’ll match your needs or not.