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Email Form – Submission Issue

Hello community,

my website is hosted under the custom domain I am sending form submissions to multiple email addresses but only 2 of 3 actually receive them. Starting this January email address stopped receiving any email submissions. I’ve checked our server settings to make sure Webflow emails have not been blacklisted. Is it possible that the email address was blacklisted by Webflow’s mailing provider?

Thank you in advance,

I suspect this is an issue related to the the unsubscribe link being forwarded (via a reply to) in the body of a message that the recipient clicked on forcing an unsubscribe of your internal email address from Webflow’s mail infrastructure. You can make a support request to remove your mail addresses from the blacklist if they exist. This can be avoided by always removing the unsubscribe link manually before replying to an email where the reply to address is the form submitter.

Background -> Ability to remove new "Unsubscribe" link from mail notifications

I don’t use form processing with Webflow and rely on third party mailers so I have not come across this in practice and quite frankly I am unsure if this is still an issue that is present on the system.