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Forms not coming through to email and auto un-subscribe happening


My client’s website which relies on forms for business keeps cutting out on sending all forms to the main email address.

They show up in the ‘Form’ section in Project Settings, but won’t always turn up to the real email.

Also, from time to time the email will un-subscribe itself from the form and I have to manually input back inside the Project Settings again.

Honestly lost for words on what’s going on, can anyone help?

Thank you.

If you forward emails to anyone and they click on the unsubscribe link generated by Webflow, that will unsubscribe you from all notifications. This is a poorly engineered limitation of Webflow’s notification process. You should always remove that link before forwarding to third parties. I am pretty sure this may be your issue. If not then please provide more detailed info or better yet, reach out to Webflow support since this is in their wheelhouse.