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Not receiving Webflow form submission e-mails


This morning I’ve been having issues with receiving Webflow form submission e-mails. I can see the form submissions are registered by Webflow in the Project Settings, but I am not receiving confirmations of this in my inbox.

I have tried multiple e-mailaddresses (different domains) as the receiving mailbox for these submissions, but none of them receive the submission.

I hope someone can help me to figure out what’s going on!

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update - more than one user notice this problem ==> Maybe this is a system bug/issue.

In general cases:

  • Email software: Check under your email account Spam section.
  • Designer: Create a new “test” form (Maybe you change the form setting).
  • Setting: Check if the emails are correct (Under Project settings > Forms tab).
  • Custom code: Your site use any custom code for forms? (Zapier/mailchimp and so on).

Same thing for me on all sites.

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Hi @Marketing, this seems to be an issue from Webflows side.

Best would be to contact support, they usually quite quick with responding and having the dev team fix these bugs.

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Hi all!
It’s a global issue. Contacted Webflow support, they’re fixing it. Hope it’s going to be solved soon.

I just got a bunch of form submissions from all of my websites for the last 24 hours or so. Seems like the Webflow team has just fixed the issue.