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Form submission emails not being received

I have 2 websites for separate clients who both are unable to receive emails of web form submissions. I have tested with other email address and works fine.

1 of them is a Gmail address and the other a custom one (, doesn’t appear in junk, just doesn’t come through. I read that they may be blacklisted?

Anyone had similar problems and has a solution? :nerd_face:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @Jezerama, thanks for your post.

If the form submission notification is sent but the mail notification cannot be delivered, the forms submission will still show on the forms tab.

If there is any trouble with the form notification delivery to the mail address, then the email may be added to a blacklist which prevents further notifications.

​If the mail notice is unsubscribed from the mail notification itself, then notification is not delivered and the email added to the blacklist.

Generally speaking, mails that begin with “info”, “sales” or some other non-personal name, i.e. a resource email box in the email address have a much higher chance of mail delivery failures, when that happens the email is added to the blacklist.

I have removed the email setup in the notifications for the site link you shared from our Blacklist, you can try to submit a new form submission and then check to see if you receive that. I

If you do not, you should try another mail address or use the built-in Zapier integration to submit the notifications.

Here is how to use Zapier with forms:

Here is how to forward a mail notification using Zapier:

Here is how to forward notifications via gmail and Zapier:

Due to the nature of email transmission and the possibility that email notifications may not get received due to many external factors outside of Webflow, we cannot guarantee that a form submission notification that is sent will be received to the target mail address.

I hope this helps

Thanks for the incredibly quick response @cyberdave!

I’ve tested it again and will let you know if it’s resolved. If not, I’m familiar with Zapier and can try that.

The other site I’m having trouble with is ( Same thing with email not coming through to the client, but this time it is like one of the examples you gave as a higher chance of being blacklisted.

Please could you have a look at this site too?

Many thanks!

Hi @Jezerama, thanks, I had also reset the emails from the blacklist on the second project as well, so you can check those if it is working to receive the notifications.


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