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Electric Ride - Australian Chauffeur Service using Electric Cars

I did UX consulting for this project with The Cowlick Appeal. Webflow was the go to tool for it.



Really like the angled sections - did you do this via customer code in webflow, or did you edit the stylesheet after you’d exported the site?

Also a really nice touch that you tidied up the mark-up to make it easier for others to read (particularly the head section).

Super nice @PixelGeek, you nailed it again :wink: Cheers, Dave

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Nice one @PixelGeek! Could you please tell me how you got the skewed sections in place? When I use the transform tool, I get some offset at the edges of the browser window and I don’t know how to fill it out without getting vertical scroll. I tried to give the section a width of “110%” and overflow:hidden but that didn’t work.

See image:


for custom code, i put:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, user-scalable=no" />
    .content-wrapper {

Thanks! But the link doesn’t work!

Beautiful site design and execution @PixelGeek! Great stuff!

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fixed. try again

Thanks. I can’t take all the credit. The team at The Cowlick Appeal did most of the work.

Thanks! It was easier than I thought, and I got the native overflow:hidden to work as well. Do you need that custom code specifically?

for some reason, mobile chrome on my android and mobile safari on my iPad 3 were letting me scroll horizontally. So, just to make sure that doesn’t happen, I added an overflow-x:hidden to the body and html.

Looks really good. Did you use Webflow interactions or Jquery animate?

all animations (except for the top nav bar) is done with WF Interactions.

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