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A one pager for a bike rental company

Hi everyone, we’re soft launching this one pager today. It’s for a company here on the French West Coast, they rent great bikes as you can see.

Hope you’ll like the feeling of the page.

Edit : forgot something. For every project I now craft a special page for TV. Lots of my clients have giant screens in their offices or shops, that’s nice to provide a 100vh/vw page for those screens. For this site, this looks like that:


Very cool Vincent. Beautiful design. Is that a parallax effect in the hero? I did a quick inspect with chrome and saw layers. so I’m assuming that is what that is.

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Thank you Jeremy!

I stole the dust effect here

BUT I removed the JS part that makes the motion based on cursor movement, also I reworked all their PNG masks because it wasn’t suitable for use above a photo. I made PNGs transparent with a better alpha.

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Cool design @vincent, very clean :slight_smile:

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WOW. This is brilliant! A+!! Great design and execution.

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Hey Vincent,

I love the design aesthetic, it’s very clean. Spacing is well done and awesome use of imagery. The only thing that I would consider changing is the page scroll when a user submits a request to book a bike. You could consider using a modal form? But other than that, great job!

Thanks for the feedback. I am all ears! I’ve never been a big fan of the modal experience, I like to be able to still be free in the page while I’m entering data in a form. Hence my choice for this micro-interaction.

How is the experience for you? Is it unconvenient because of your screen size? or do you find the animation sluggish? (We can’t control the speed of those jumps, I’d make them much much faster, with a different (cubic) easing mode.)

Tell me, I’d really like to know :slight_smile:

Nice work Vicent!! cool the interactions and colors

Wow, Vincent, that is just beautiful. I can’t even imagine how you made the dust speckles over the hero image!?
I now just want to go to France and ride a bike! :smiley:

The ONLY thing I personally prefer on a mobile scrolling site is a shortcut back to the top OR a menu option. Just a little tiny tiny arrow in the corner because I’m SO lazy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin:

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That’s the ideal feedback we’d like to hear all the time :smiley:

On an iPhone or iPad, whatever the site you’re on, and most of the apps (Twitter, Facebook…), if you tap the top of the screen, where the time is displayed, it does just that. On desktop it takes a press on the Home arrow key.

Edit: I just tested on a pair of Android devices and I’m sorry, it doesn’t work the same.

I can maybe add a link arrow tht shows only for Android and Windows Phone (Windows Phone HAD the same behavior than iOS at launch, then they ditched it. Why, it’s still a mystery to me. Lots of things are a mystery to me on Windows Phone :smiley: ).

I love the design! Awesome work

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Woah!! Very cool interactivity!

Love the hover effect on the individual bike containers :wink:

Overall, outstanding website.

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@vincent I thought I knew everything about iPhones! :grinning: How wrong I was? I had no idea you could do that.

LOL, you’re not the only one to tell me that about this particular tip :smiley:

Also, many times I thought I knew everything about iOS… I mean I dev apps, I read lots of articles, I use iOS a lot… so when I cross on of those “25 things you don’t know about the Camera app” or other articles like this, I laugh and click and… wait what? I always learn new tips :slight_smile:

Usually people who don’t know about the link to top don’t either know about the “shake to cancel”. Works everywhere you can type text… to cancel your typing.

I knew about that one, the first time I saw it though was when I dropped my old iPhone and I saw Undo Typing through the cracked glass! :joy:

A lot of people didn’t realise you could swipe from the edge of the screen to go back and forward either, I think that’s been in since iOS 7 or 8. I’m just getting to grips with iOS 10 now though :weary:

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Yep, 7. And now on som devices there’s the edge press. Convenient but demands a bit of training.

Very nice! This is going in my inspiration bookmark folder :smiley:

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Neat stuff @vincent! Thumbs up!

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Bravo :slight_smile: very fresh, modern and clean

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Ha! I keep saying that to others, it’s nice to hear it from someone else :smiley: Flattered!