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Please check it out guys. Those slider elements are heaven sent

A few screens to go ( and the narrative might change) but thought to share this.
Actually a little help on the narrative will be a blessing guys :smile:

A website for an app being pitched by a friend.
Urvi helps you discover hangouts around your city.


Really awesome use of the slider and interactions @Ghartey! Nice walkthrough and animations.

@Ghartey, Nice use of the slider trigger interaction there ! Good job… keep up the good work :smile:

Cheers and happy holidays :slight_smile: Dave

Thank you @vlogic for your kind words :blush: much appreciated!

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@cyberdave thanks so much! Webflow is awesome. You guys are amazing!!


Maybe you should experiment more by making the transition instant instead of fadein. I think it would look more animated that way. Nevertheless, brilliant.

Looks great! I think you could experiment with making the interaction scroll based as well as click-based… like at different breakpoints as you scroll down, the next “slide” would be triggered.

That’s awesome!

It does have a little “spike” though.

Thanks @topelovely…I initially intended to do that, but got these weird flash breaks in the transitions so gave up on it. I have a feeling I gave up to quickly though, so will try and spent some time implementing the instant transition and see how it goes again !!

@termhn Aha! I think I see what you are getting at. That might be sleek as heck if I’m able to get it to work. Thank you so much! Going to spend the night on it

This is the most unique use of the slider that I have seen. What program did you use to do this…I may like to do something similar if you don’t mind?

@Aksaunders I don’t mind at all. This is purely Webflow :sunny:
The illustrations I made with Adobe’s Illustrator


I like it! It is very convenient way of sharing/explaining user stories! Interactions must have been quite hell to make though :wink: I love it!

Totally going to use it as “explain something that is too complex to understand in one or two pictures”. Oh boy, and illustrations… Very innovative!


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