Either I'm losing my mind or something weird is going on with interaction resizing

So I was working on something in another template and I ran across this strange issue with resizing divs with interactions.

Made a 300px box. On trigger click the box should expand to 100% W and 100% H, instead it shrinks to 100px W & H. Can you not use % or VW/VH here or am I missing something obvious? If you click in the actual step it looks correct, preview and published it’s broke. Maybe I need more coffee.


EDIT: Seems it’s a bug: [Resolved] Height percentage interaction bug

Hello @RickK

There is a known bug with the interaction sizing with percentages. At this time, while not ideal, try using pixels instead.

Sorry about this, we are looking to fix a lot of things in a future version of the interactions tool. :smile:

I hope this helps.

Yeah, unfortunately as you know pixels really won’t cut it when it comes to responsive design. Is there any time table on this stuff? I mean I am seeing a lot of issues that just aren’t being addressed that are old.

I totally understand your frustration. It is on our roadmap, but I don’t have a firm eta on it.

We are doing our best to address many issues and grow the team as well.

If you want, you can use your own jQuery code in the custom code area to make your own click interactions.

For more information on this, please refer to this article: http://help.webflow.com/site-settings/custom-code

Hope this helps :smile:

Is there a public roadmap link?

Not at this time. But we are always keeping an eye on the wish list page to see what our community is looking for next:


Sorry, that makes 0 sense. I mean honestly if you guys were checking the wish list we would have had a HR tag back in 2013/beginning of 2014. Also why keep implementing new features instead of addressing what obviously needs to be fixed? May I ask why no roadmap? Don’t you feel that it’s important to explain when and why bugs aren’t being addressed? Sorry, I’m just really confused as to why a company like Webflow won’t address things things like this but yet your competitors will.

I am a paying customer, I use Webflow as a luxury to save time of hand coding. There are other tools out there that do similar I could use but I liked where Webflow was going which is why Webflow gets my $42/mo. But I can’t stand how you guys give these canned responses to issues when the community asks questions.

Fix what’s there that obviously needs fixing, please.

I understand your frustration and I assure you that we are doing our best to add features to Webflow all while keeping the quality and speed of the product that you’ve come to expect from us. :smiley:

We are still a relatively small team (less than 20) and adding basic and awesome features is very important to us. But more important than that is making sure that the tool is user-friendly for designers, as well as quick and stable.

Quality > Quantity :wink:

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@RickK, in the mean time there is a workaround!

set the box to be 100% width and height, make it 300 by 300 using “initial appearance” then set the click to expand it to height:auto width:auto :smile:

Hope this helps :smile:



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