Need help with rogue styling on a slider interaction

Working on an interaction that should be giving a div (class of “skills bar”) a width of 100% when slide (class of “skills slide”) comes into view.

The issue is that the div is being given a width of 100 px instead of 100%. I can’t find this setting in any of my interactions or in the styles so not sure what to do?

Unfortunately, there is a known bug affecting IX percentages applied to width or height where Webflow substituted pixels values in place of % or VW VH:

Sorry you are experiencing this too. It has been around for a while. I have seen a hack that may work for your situation by deliberately overshooting the target and enforcing a CSS max-width % to preempt the overshoot. The combo works effectively, but the tween ends abruptly for some width scenarios of course. I can search and try to point you in the right direction if you are interested. If you are working within a container instead of a full screen layout it should do the trick.

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