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Workarea: element dimensions are switching arround (only displayed)

hey there,

havent been using webflow for a bit. now Im having some issues that for example two picture
elements in a div box are randomly changing their dimensions BUT only from what “I see” displayed
and not technically (sizes that are set, are staying the same like before).
And before u ask, Im not changing other elements, that are causing them to resize.

anything Im missing or a displaying bug ?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @rico

If you’re reporting what you think is a bug, could you share some more information please. Use this guide to share your read only link if possible.

If you have some screenshots, CloudApp is a great service for this, then please share so we can see your issue and categorise it accordingly.

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hello mark,

actually I cant post a link since this is company work I cant show :confused:
anyways this is only happening in working environment in the designer.

an example:
I have a div box with two pictures inside, and an adjacent div box with elemtes inside (buttons, text etc)
Now if I for example just click into one of these elements the display size of the two pictures in the other divbox is visibly changing, sometimes bigger dimensions, sometimes smaller.
mostly the same smaller and the same bigger dimension

I appreciate if you can’t show the work publicly.

However, without seeing the issue you’re having, it’s almost impossible to say what the issue is as there could be setting activated that we don’t know about, class styles etc. It’s like saying to a car mechanic “My car is broken but you can’t look” :grin:

Here’s a couple of options you can try for us to be able to help:

  1. You can either PM me the link and I’ll happily take a look (please note that I’m not Webflow staff, just a forum mod trying to help).

  2. You can email webflow support - You will need to share your read only link so they can take a look.

  3. Copy and paste the section into a new project and share that with us so we can take a look.

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