Image unexpectedly resizing


I have been working on some ideas for my site, but i’ve run into some trouble. On the mobile version of the site an image in the viewport (both in design mode & in preview mode) suddenly resizes, and sometimes will switch back ad forth between the sizes.

Actually as I was typing this I observed it in the desktop version as well after switching some things around. what is it I’m doing wrong & how can I fix it?

You may observe the issue Here

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

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Did you fix it? It doesn’t resize for me on Chrome.

Hmm, maybe. I tried switching the image from sizing based of a max width % to a px value. That may have fixed it.

Though I had one other question. When the image in question is moved towards the bottom of the section it will pass over into the next section even though I have no visible overflow set. Is this because the image is bigger than its div, or something else?

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Well now I’m even more confused. So your right, in the read only link on chrome the image isn’t resizing, but in the actual designer it is.

I sat and watched the read only link for a bit and it never resized, but like clockwork in the designer at about 1 1/2 rotations of the white sphere the image will change size. After the image remains smaller in size, until I touch any parameter that changes its size or location; then it bounces back to the full size image.

After a little further investigation I found that in both the preview and designer mode the size will change at precisely the same time. I timed it at about 9-10 seconds after returning to full size it will change size again.


Did you ever figure this out? It’s happening to me now!


Bump, this is happening to me now. I am not touching any of the control settings, image just keeps bouncing in the editor by itself.

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Me too! I always have this issue in Webflow like image resizing itself or even they’re with the same class as other images. The 1st image does not bounce but some of the others resize themselves. It makes me so frustrated.

Same problem here. Probably error in % sizing.