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Unable to size images properly in rich text areas

I’m running into problems in both the canvas and editor views, in sizing images within a rich text element.

In canvas view it appears there are 3 different ways to size rich text embedded images, but only one of them works at all, and it’s only partially functional. Here’s a demonstration. I’ve run this in Chrome incognito to ensure there are no plug-ins affecting the behavior.

A similar Design question was asked about a year ago, which focuses on the issues surrounding CMS-bound rich text content. That’s a slightly different case but I’m including it here as well, as a related problem.

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Hi @memetican

Thanks so much for posting about this issue.

You should only be able to edit an RTE image using the RTE image editing toolbar. This is a known issue that our team is working on a fix for now.

Regarding resizing—when you upload an image to the RTE it will automatically gain a max-width based on the dimensions of the image when you upload it. In the case of that trip advisor logo, it looks like it has a max width of 150-200px, so you will not be able to stretch the image larger than that max width.

Please note that you can also set the image size based on Pixels: 14 PM

I’ll post back here as soon as I have more information on the issues you mentioned around adjust % based widths and the click / drag method of resizing images.

Thanks Brandon, that helps a lot.

The pixel sizing option seems to work best. The dialog won’t allow you to set a pixel size larger than the source image, so you get good visual feedback on what code its actually emitting.

I’ll do a video for my clients so they can find the right sizing option.

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