Height Percentage not working

got a really strange problem with this site. it is doing the 30% width absolute fine. no issue, 100% height isn’t working at all as you can see though. any ideas why??

100% not working

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I imagine you have not set the height on the heading’s parent element. So, the heading is taking up 100% of the parent element’s height.

Hey, could you send your read-only link?

The problem probably comes from the parent element not having a set height. 100% on the child element will refer back to the height of the parent.

i have mate. here you go, its just not having it. thing is I can’t have a set amount on the maximum because it all depends what comes in from the URL

sorry i meant CMS sorry

Is this what you’re trying to achieve?


If not, can you let me know what page and what element you’re referring to? (This screenshot is from the Tasks Template CMS page).

thats it meant but it has stretch when the parent does - so it has to be 100% of its parent which for some reason it doesn’t

I have to be honest, I’m a little lost with what you’re getting stuck with, and what your desired outcome is.

In the example above, I applied a vertical flex to the heading’s parent element (Div Block 51), and applied “Grow If Possible” to the Flex Child setting of tab-heading 8.

I’d suggest that this post should be moved to the Design Help category - it’s not a Webflow bug but is potentially down to your understanding of the Webflow Designer / CSS.

tried that mate. still not working buddy??

If you could be more specific with what you’re trying to achieve, I’ll do my best to help.

Details such as page names, element names, screenshots, and a description of exactly what you’re trying to do would help - at the moment, I’m just guessing which probably isn’t going to be very helpful to you.

ok mate. right ive done this before and it has worked fine. been using webflow for years and ive never had this issue before but ive been playing around with this for hours and its stretching as it should. so as you can see on the top 2 are fitting fine that because they have a min height is set in px but as you can see below as soon a CMS item comes in that is bigger, the boxes arent stretching even though they are on stretch verticle??

Awesome, I understand now.

1 step to solve this one: apply Height: Auto to element Div Block 51


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