Editor not working in any browser

Hi all,

My client can not create an account to login to the editor in Safari. They get the attached message. Same issue as: Error creating new editor account

I have checked on latest: Safari, Chrome and Firefox. All browsers have third party cookies enabled

To test I downloaded latest Firefox, deleted all cookies and allowed third party cookies. No joy.

Any suggestions anyone.

Hi @Angusalexander

Have you solved this yet?

I have just had the same issue, and found this for Safari, once unchecked I sent a new link and she now seems to be working.

Claire Try this|690x237](upload://f9o3r0Wkmp2WQLitKpFLMByKgPR.png)

Hi @Roxzfr, sorry for the very slow response… My client has to use Chrome which is working. The suggestions Webflow made for Safari within the Safari browser did not work for my client.

Client was extremely unimpressed. See below:

"In Safari the third party cookies setting has to allow cross site tracking in the preferences, and after making the change you would need to do a hard refresh of the page or it will still display the cookie error. I can see from one of the screenshots that this is already toggled off. This does not always work though.

There are some changes to the way browsers handle same site cookies that is coming up, or may be shipped already in some of the latest beta builds and Google Chrome and Safari will change the way they handle cookies which could be causing some issues for some users already.

There is some discussion on Apple forums at https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250942525?page=3.

Our team is aware of issues with cookies on Safari and is working on this at the moment. However I would recommend to try Google Chrome in the meantime."

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I’ve had issues with the ?edit editor login for my clients for over a year. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. PCs and Macs. It’s consistently buggy, literally just trying to log in and get the Collections/Pages/Forms tabs to appear at the bottom of the screen.

Cleared cache, cleared history, tried incognito windows, different Chrome “Person” profiles, etc. I’d say 80% of the time, including today, when training new folks on the “Editor” — they cannot log in. They cannot see the Collections/Pages/Forms tabs.

Having the same problem here, can´t access editor in any browser nor any means, either by typing /?edit at the end of my website url or through the Editor button in the Dashboard.

I too have the same issue , is there any solution.

I did actually find a solution that worked for most of the projects I am working on, where the Editor was not cooperating. Note - my Editor login issues usually had to do with the login fields or the Editor tabs not appearing at the bottom of the screen, not the cookie issue some of you have described above.

If the Editor login fields and/or tabs are not appearing at the bottom of the browser for you or your client, I recommend:
Go to your master “all body” class (the pink one). Make sure there are no effects whatsoever: transforms, etc.
Go to “all images” class (the pink one). Make sure min width is reset to nothing. Min width CANNOT be set to 100%.

Any tweaks at all to these master “all” classes can affect people’s ability to log into the Editor (dumb, but it is what it is).

I have the same issue with my client: She can’t log into the editor through Safari. Once she enters her credentials, it only loads forever.
Any news from the @WebflowCommunityTeam on that?
(my read-only link if it’s any help)

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my client can login in the editor mode. but the pages are loading sporadically. super annoying and angry for me and my customers. Any solutions for that?

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I am having the same problem on a Mac when trying Safari or Chrome. Both browsers are allowing for third party cookies yet I keep getting this error:

The settings in Chrome are:

I have also added the domain name “ukmedfreedom.org”, from where the ‘Webflow editor’ is operating.

What’s stopping this working?

I had the same problem. But I figured it out guys. The problem is not the cookies. It is your browser settings that you must change. My editor now works just fine on safari. All I had to do was go to safari settings and then “privacy”. And then I just UNTHICKED the box where it said "prevent cross-site tracking " which means third site cookies. And once I did that, voila! It worked mate! So I cross my fingers and hope it will work for you fellas too. Peace and love.


I’ve had this exact issue. No access in Chrome, none in Safari, and in both browsers All cookies were allowed.

People, if you remove the account that isn’t able to log in from the editor and then re-add it to the editor, it should work. It’s RIDICULOUS that this is the solution, but hey, at least I have editor access again.

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Hi, all — We just added a new editor and ran into this same issue on Safari with the error message “We’re having trouble with your browser’s cookies. Make sure your browser accepts third-party cookies.” as others noted. Safari was not blocking cookies.

Workarounds include using Chrome (which is what our user is doing) and it appears un-checking the “prevent cross-site tracking” preference (which we have not tried.) Reducing our privacy and security across the rest of the internet may be okay as a temporary workaround but is not a real solution.

It looks like has been an issue since at least 2018. Are there any plans to fix it?

Bonk #2
I’m here to revive this topic - It’s mid 2022 and this problem still exists - Hello?

Used safari, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, whatever… My clients CANNOT enter the editor.
They either get invalid user/password or get “confirmation needed. Please check your email”. But that email never arrives.
This is very annoying both for the client and for us developers that must drop what we are doing and eliminate/create a new editor account (since that’s the Real solution at the moment).