Chrome error in editor: "We’re having trouble with your browser’s cookies."

My client is getting this error message in Chrome when accessing the editor: “We’re having trouble with your browser’s cookies. Make sure your browser accepts third-party cookies.”

I’ve reached out via the email yesterday but haven’t heard anything back yet. :confused: And my client is reaching out again to see how to fix it. I’ve seen this happen in Safari, but I haven’t seen it in Chrome. How to fix it for her? Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @adiggy! Hope you’re well.

Can you try out the solutions posted in this thread by @mistercreate / @Waldo / @Brando and see if those resolve your problem?

Let me know if they help!

Nope, still not working. She is trying on both Chrome and Safari. Any other ideas, crew?

She’s getting super frustrated with me and I’m feeling a bit caught in the middle here. :confused:

Hey, @adiggy! I just responded to your support request! I need just a little more information, if you can send it over we’ll jump in and investigate this for you!

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