Editor currently broken 1/12/23

A new Guest Editor had trouble signing in. She could get to the site but the bar giving access to editing Pages, Collections, etc. was not showing.

So I tried to show her what it would like and went from Designer to Editor and had pretty much the same thing happen to me. The bar would show up briefly, then disappears on page load. Scrolling down to the bottom of my home page I see the editor bar at the bottom. Clicking on “Page” or “Collection” takes me to a screen with no content. However, it does allow on-page editing and publishing of those edits. However, there is no path to navigating to pages other than through the website’s navigation, and there there is no path to adding to or editing Collections.
@drew-flps noted that changes to HTML tags “body” and “all-images” could be the problem. I had changed body background from white to transparent. Changed it back to white and this did not fix the problem.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Climate Action Evanston)
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As this appears to be a bug, and I just read that the forum is not a place to seek help with bugs, I’ve instead written support to find a way to resolve this issue.

Peter, just to add, I use the editor a lot as part of my publishing process, because the WYSIWYG view is essential for parts of that work.

I’ve pushed in a couple of bugs over the years regarding the editor, and none have been resolved, even the two most recent ones… which are quite painful to work around.
Point is, don’t hold your breath.

What you can do is check your design. The CSS for the editor toolset isn’t isolated enough to avoid impact by your site’s CSS & script, so it’s likely there’s something in your site that’s affecting the positioning of the bottom toolbar. You can probably identify it using Chrome dev tools and inspecting styles to see what it’s picking up positioning info from.

If you’re not sure how, and you and your client want to toss me a temporary editor invite, I’m happy to take a look for you. PM me for my email if that would help.

Fixed the problem. Turned out a quite funky triple CSS combo was the culprit. The second CSS item included a hero image, and the third one deleted it.