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Editor not displaying site properly

Having issues with the editor. It is only showing part of the content on each page and breaking the layout pushing things to the far left.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Tested and it works fine for me.

Not the designer but the editor for collaborators.

That is hard to try without login :grinning: :grinning:

Indeed! Not sure why it’s having viewing issues for editor/collaborators. Cleared cache, disabled extensions, tried various browsers. No such luck :slightly_frowning_face:

Do you Have Any custom code or embeded?

Everflow JS on homepage and a global ShareThis script for blog. Find it odd that none of the pages view properly in editor though. I can remove the scripts temporarily and see if that helps.

My guess is that it Will solve the problem

Unfortunately that did not work. Here is a preview of a page. Then when you click Edit Site it gets messed up.

Wich browswer ÅRE you using?
Have you tried incognito?

Tried Chrome (normal and incognito) and Safari.


Is it the same on all pages?
Is this a published site, if it’s is you can set me up as a temp user an I can try it.

I had a colleague try on their system. Same issue on the editor side. Maybe it’s something to do with how the site is built… Not sure what’s causing the issue.

Are you sure you did remove all embeded code? I have seen somthing similair before with an iframe

Will check that again. I’m going to create another instance of the site so I can test further. Thanks for your help on this.