Major Editor Bug

I just finished a website for a rather big client, and she is having issues with the editor.
Specifically formatting text - She would highlight a word to create a link, or make bold etc. but the toolbar to make those changes doesn’t appear. I originally though it may be a browser or firewall issue but I tried it myself and I was able to recreate the same mistake. I found that the toolbar DOES show up but at static point on the website, way out of the viewport.
I’ve uploaded a video to show you. Screen Recording 2023-01-19 at 2.55.01 PM

I need to find a solution for this asap, can anyone help?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I have the same issue, worse on some sites than others. It depends on the CSS.
For CMS items, she can give up the WYSIWYG view and edit them in the Collection window, but that’s not ideal either.

The basic problem appears to be that when the editor was built, there weren’t well developed tools & techniques for CSS isolation, so your site CSS affects the editor CSS, sometimes in drastic ways.

Is there anyway around this?
Does Webflow have an agenda to address this issue at some point?

You could trace and fix your CSS that’s causing the main editor conflicts.

Or, you could avoid using the editor, and teach your client to use the designer view instead.

You’d have to ask Webflow. They seem to have a pretty huge pile of issues they’re working on, many have a far higher priority. Always report bugs to support, it’s the only way they’ll know what’s affecting people.

@memetican Where would I report bugs to support?

You would need to use the only channel that exists; normal Webflow support.