Webflow Editor Not Working in Chrome


My client is using Webflow and wants me to design the website in it.

He shared an invite for me to access the Webflow editor and design the website (Content editor).

I accepted the invite and created a new account and logged-in but at the end what I see is a while full page blank screen. Though the website currently has no content and maybe the full white screen but I don’t see any editor or the buttons except the bottom bar which has couple of buttons including Pages, Form, Settings, Support and Logout.

Since I checked other articles and videos, I’m supposed to have a full editor access which I’m unable to access at all.

I then opened the Browser console to see if I notice any errors and can debug. To my notice, I see there are couple of errors that are related to Editor itself. I’m attaching a screenshot of the console errors that I see. Please go through and let me know if there’s any issue at my end or help me fix this issue.

Am I doing anything wrong? Is something broken at my end? Or is it a glitch at Webflow?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

You need access to Designer mode. Editor mode wont allow you to add new layout components to a page.