As site admin, I can't find where to sign in to access the Editor

I have just begun to design my first website. I haven’t yet designed any pages. Step 1 for me has been to set up some custom CMS Collections templates. Step 2 is to change to the Editor, and under the Collections Tab begin to enter content to test them out.

I can’t figure out how to access the Editor because on its login page it tells me I can’t sign in there because I am the site administrator, but instead I need to sign-in where a link takes me: which is to the General tab in Site Settings. I can find no place on this page to sign in.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Yes it’s a bit confusing the way Webflow set that up.
As the site designer, you can access the editor from at least 2 places;

  1. In your main dashboard, click the 3 dots next to your site project, and go to editor
  2. in the designer, click the top left corner to switch to the editor

You don’t need the editor, strictly speaking, but it’s nice when you’re editing CMS collection pages and want a WYSIWYG view.

Had tried both of those, but they take me to the Editor login screen, and when I login there, it tells me as site admin I need to login at a different and linked location, and that linked location is the general site settings page which has no login option.

Also, after first clicking “Editor” in the upper left hand corner of the Designer interface, when I go back to it, the drop down is still showing and Editor has the slowly spinning “still processing” symbol turning. Returning to Webflow a half hour later, it is still spinning.

Also, perhaps this cookies issue is causing the problem. I get this notice when I go to the editor. I don’t have cookies blocked in Safari, and I understand Duck Duck Go doesn’t block cookies. So I don’t know how to address this issue.

Make sure you use Chrome to access the Editor. I’ve run into many issues with Safari.