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Editor: Cookies, Mobile Access (screen dimension), Rich text links

Hey guys

  1. The cookies bug keeps persisting each time I am inviting new editor to any of the sites.
    They have to do some mumbo jumbo with cookies, even though they have logged in to Webflow for the first time, change browsers etc before it starts working. Here’s the thread I created long time ago and it basically describes it
    "Missing authorization cookie" error message in Editor

  2. Another thing is editor not working on mobile, this would be half of the problem, but even when browser windows is slightly narrower than usual and site goes into Tablet breakpoint, Editor keeps thinking it is a mobile device. I think it is simple enough to detect browser, no?
    These things make Webflow Editor laughable each time and my editors start resenting Webflow as a brand and joking each time something else is not working in Webflow.
    This is a photo recently sent to my by the editor…

  3. This bug was also never looked at and still brings constant disappointment to my editors…
    Editor bugs: links in Chrome, Large Photos, White indent while editing

I understand that developers are super busy with implementation of new core in Webflow, but I really hope all that will be fixed. Let’s beat Wordpress together.

Thanks! :webflow_heart:

Same issue happening on Safari here… :frowning:

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Hi @radmitry, thanks for the post, let me help with some info on these items

  1. The Missing Authorization Cookie message means that for some reason, the browser that is being used to access the editor is not allowing cookies from third party sites, or is not allowing cookie creation at all.

The reasons why the cookie is not getting created is in most cases that the browser privacy and cookie preferences need to be updated to allow * to store cookies. Webflow needs this to be able to the login state of the user.

Because the editor is being used on a custom domain, i.e., and the editor login cookie is coming from, the browser must be set to allow cookies from third party sites and adding * the list of sites that are allowed will help resolve the issue.

This only affects to the Editor login, not to public site visitors.

  1. Having an Editor that can be used on Mobile (iOS/Android/Web) is a fantastic idea, I will be cheering with you when that is pushed out… At the moment, the Editor should be made aware that if they see that message, to increase browser width.

  2. I am checking into to those other reports, thanks for pinging on that.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks @cyberdave , it is awesome to be heard. Ok I think I now understand the cookie issue better, this is the best explanation so far . :grinning:

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