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Editor can't replace background image behind image section overlay?

Image overlay is covering the image section, which contains the background pic. When the cursor hovers over the background image in the editor, the swap image icon does not appear. Is there a workaround?

“Collaborators can edit both background images and static images, by simply hovering over the image (or other element, if a background image is being used) and clicking on the image icon on the top right.”

The website is and in the About Us page (, the biography section has a background from a template. I want my collaborator client to be able to replace this from the editor.

If you’re really stuck, you can create a page named Dashboard with no links to it, where you lay dummy elements with the classes you can’t edit. Like 200x200px squares. Client can edit from here and as it’s CSS it propagates on all elements of the same class.

Also you can create a Collection named Static Items, add image field, create items and use that to dynamically push a background. Client will change the image in Collection item. But it’s a bit dirty :slight_smile: