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Idea for Background image on CMS

Its about this item:

It would be great if:
When there is no BG image in placed in the CMS.
automaticly the original BG image will be showed.

Webflow displays a placeholder in the Designer (the gray image) but nothing when published. Actually, the defaut background image could work already, by just setting a default bg image to the element, and adding the CMS bg property. in case of no bg image set for the post, the default would show up…

… except it doesn’t because Webflow adds an inline property which cancels any background:

element style{background-image:url('null')}

I don’t know why this line of code is added… probably only to be sure the default WF icon isn’t called. If it’s the case they could maybe do that differently and remove that inline property.

@cyberdave that’s an interesting thing to look at :wink:

What you can do for now is stack two elements.

Make a div and give it the default background you want.

Nest another div inside, make it take all the room of the first one, and give it the CMS BG property.

Now in case your CMS element doesn’t have a bg specified, it will show the bg of the element below it, the one you set for the default bg.

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Thanks Vincent, this will work for know!
Idea is still standing!