Editor: Unable to change hero image

Hi Webflow,

I’ve discovered an annoying bug where my client can’t change the background image in the hero section as the grey image icon is hidden behind the header which overlaps the top of the hero.

You can just about see the icon in the top right when the cursor is over the hero. But as the cursor approaches the icon and goes over the header, the icon disappears.


Let me know if you need anymore info.


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Hi @roblewi5

This is a known limitation of the Editor when you have a fixed or absolutely positioned Navbar. There are a couple of workarounds you can use here – here’s what I recommend:

  1. Select your nav bar and set a fixed height. If you select the height field, then use the up or down arrow, it will automatically set a relative height — in this case it was 100px
  2. Add that value as top padding to your body element


If you don’t want to set padding on your body, you can also add in a new div block above your hero section and set it’s height to 100px.

I hope this helps!

Hi @Brando,

Ah ok. Thanks for the explanation. The header use to be slightly opaque before finally becoming a block colour so I can in fact use your suggestion. Whereas wouldn’t be able to with an opaque header.

I will implement so it’s easier for the client.



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