Please make the the CMS settings more flexible for replacing images

I just realized that my clients won’t be able to edit background images, which means that hero images and rollovers have no functionality inside the CMS other than the text can be changed.

I don’t know if this is in the works, but please, I’m begging, make it more flexible.

Hey @GodlessGlen if you create a data collection of your hero images, and number them. You can set the background image of the hero div as one of the images from the data collection. And your client can edit the data (upload a different image).

Just filter by number for your hero background image (different number for each page/hero section and only display one). You could even add in any pseudo elements to be editable and have them pull from the data collection. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Waldo :smile:

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@Waldo Duh, I should have thought to do that. Thanks for the tip. Although, you lost me at pseudo elements. I’ll have to study up on that.

Pseudo elements I’m referring to here are just the elements within the parent container which you wanted a hover effect on. Like say now some text/description that only shows up on hover. You can make those and bind a data collection to them. It’s AWESOME :smiley:

We do plan to make background images editable - it’s been quite a challenging feature though, so unfortunately no word yet on when it will be complete. But we know it’s a must!


@Waldo Ahh ok. You threw me for a loop.

@callmevlad That’s really good to know!