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Problem editing hero background and light box images in editor

Hi everyone,

I am still kinda new to Webflow, yet learning lots, loving it.

I am testing my first clients website to see how their editing experience will be in the editor. So I publish their website, get on the editor, and immediately notice that I can click on the edit icon of most images, but I cannot click on the hero background image edit icon because my hero background image spans the whole width and goes all the way to the top of the page and when I hover over the hero section the biggest part of the edit icon is off screen and unclickable. I thought maybe I did something wrong, so I went and found a free template on Webflow that also has a full hero background image like mine, cloned it, published it, checked the editor, and sure enough, same problem. Here is the template I checked, which has the same problem as my clients website:

My question is, how is my client supposed to edit the hero background image like this? Is this normal? Or is there another way for my client to access that hero background image somehow?

I also have a problem with some images in a light box. I basically have one large image at 50vw in a light box and 4 smaller images right below it. I can click on the large image in the editor and edit the image but I cannot click on the small images to edit them, because the edit icon just doesn’t show up when hovering over the small images, but it does on the large one. The large image and the four smaller once are connected to the same light box collection, or what ever you call that. How can I make the smaller image editable like the large one already is?

First time I explored the editor, it’s amazing what website owners can edit in the editor and just how easy it is, truly amazing. Just hope that the above mentioned issues can be fixed.

Thanks in advance

Would really appreciate some help on this…

Can your client not use the designer?

Yes he can. But the background image and the small light box images are not clickable, details are in my first post above. If you clone the template I provided a link to above, publish it, open the editor and try to edit the hero background image you will see that you cannot click on it. Maybe I can also get some help from @PixelGeek? Thanks

Just use the Navigator on the right side of the designer and click on the hero background image, then click the settings tab next to the navigator tab and hit change image.

That is something my client doesn’t have access to because he only has access to the editor, not the designer, and the problem is that these images are not clickable in the editor, I wonder why and what can be done about that. Appreciate your effort though, thx

You answered my previous question saying that they could use the designer…

Yes, they could use the designer but the button was not clickable. I already figured out what was going on. Basically the navbar was transparent, set to position absolute and was basically positioned over the top section of hero section which prohibited the area of the background image to be clickable. I reduced the size of the navbar and everything is working fine now. Thanks for your help