Help with fixed background images

I’ trying to set 2 distinct images as a background for 2 different sections.
I know this is pretty simple with the background image option, but the client wants the ability to change background images via its own CMS, so I’ll have to use plain fixed images to do this.

The problem is that fixing one overlays the other, showing the same image on both sections.

I’m referring to sections “Stats” and “Testemunhos” on this site:

Can anyone give me a hint on this?

Anyone?.. Is this possible with Wefblow and pure css?
I know there is a jquery code to convert the image into a background-image for the container, on the fly…
But I never figured out how to do this…

I am sorry, @nita_design, but you will be not able to do this with position:fixed images. :confused:

Every time you set image as an object with position: fixed - it become “stick” to the page body. So, when you have 2 images, “stick” to same place, they will cover each other anyway.

And what CMS type your client planning to use?

Thanks for the reply Sabanna. I thought it might be possible :frowning:

Seems that he has used CushyCMS and Wordpress in the past, not a custom solution as I first thought.

If background images could be changed by editors it might be much easier to convince him to move to WF. My clients are small businesses and most of them want to change “things around” (ahhhh, I’m fighting against Wix… again!)

I’ll figure out something, hopefully.

Actually, you can make background images available for Editor change (in Webflow CMS)

Sorry… I missed that… Maybe it is a simple one and I’m missing it…
How? Are you referring to creating a collection and defining a bg image to be displayed or is there any direct method?

Yes, @nita_design, I meant using exactly this method.
For example, you create a collection “general design options”. Then you are adding image field for every changeable section (bgnd1, bgnd2, etc…). Also, you can add changeable colors, headings, whatever.
On the page with that sections you create “dynamic list” and using exactly same design elements that you have for section, but you will have an ability to connect that elements to dynamic content. So Editor will have a chance to change it.


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