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Adding pages from the editor

hi I have created a website for a cleint on webflow and Im a bit confused about how Ill be able to hand it over to the %100 so that they can add in new pages from the editor and not have to rely on me to add in new pages from the designer. Is there anyway for me to do this? Otherwise its gonna be hard to hand over and allow them to add extra pages.

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Its very General Q.
Blog/reviews/team memeber and so on (Generator/CMS page) VS regular/single pages.

If the client wants to add CMS page(blog post for example) its really easy (Webflow CMS is very cool). But if the client wants to add single page (“who-we-are.html”) in any CMS/Builder he most know how to use the program (Or hire someone).

And/Or you can add templates (The client will duplicate this and change content). But again in any case the client most know how to use the program (Even in WIX) to build extra “new layout/design” pages.

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Thank you for your response! To clarify, Im building a site for a window shading company and they need to be able to add in pages to showcase new projects. Is there a way i can create a (project) template that they can add to the site and edit it to that specific project? I created a cms project template collection page but I cant figure out how I can let em client access it and add it into the website through the editor.

Hi @Reed_Dolman

If the new projects will have similar content structure, use the collection template option (in purple in the pages section). Create the CMS collection with all the fields required (sounds like you have done this) and then go to pages and style that purple project collection template page ready to receive the project content.

You could also style some elements in that template, and have them conditionally show if they have content, but be invisible if the content is empty.

The client goes into the editor, clicks collections, then projects, then ‘new’ to fill in the details of the project. Once they publish, the new page is created, and formatted how you have designed the template page.

Webflow, perhaps different to other products has a clear distinction that the ‘designer’ access is to create/design/structure the pages, and the ‘editor’ access is content based rather than structure, with the safety net of a client not being able to ‘break’ the site!

Does that help?


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Great that helps a lot. So your saying that they can fill in the details of the page in editor but its the designers job to make sure that the page is launched and linked to the rest of the site? Is there any videos or resources that can help explain this to me better? ive got everything set up right now, i just cant figure out how that the client can add in the page and link it to the rest of the pages once they add it in.

Hi @Reed_Dolman

Any chance you can share your read-only link - I could take a closer look and screenshot a few things for pointers for you?

From what you’ve said above, you want to create a CMS collection called projects (done?) and design a collection template (purple pages at the bottom of the pages list) for those projects (also done?)

In that case, it should be as easy as the client logging in to the editor, going to ‘collections’ tab, clicking ‘projects’ and ‘create new’ type in the details in the form, upload images to the form, etc, and click publish (the client launches the page)

That then creates the new project page, which will be styled how you styled the project collection template.

In terms of displaying/linking to the project pages, you would create a page within your site for ‘projects’ and drop in a ‘collection list’ from the add panel. Choose to pull data from the ‘projects’ collection, and you can then filter/sort which projects to show first, which to hide/show etc

This guide for clients might be useful for you to read: @jmw put it together for us to explain the Editor to clients:

Have you gone through these tutorials too:

This from 2015 may also be useful:

Hope that helps!

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