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Editing global swatch then publishing immediately won't publish changes

I wanted to create an additional report but maybe this is related to being unable to save some things.

So here it goes (reproducible):

select any element with the colour set with the global swatch, press edit the swatch, change the colour, save. Either exit the designer or publish your site. Changes will not be saved nor published.

To make this work correctly first you need to remove the global swatch from the object, then select and edit swatch - no idea what’s the difference under the hood between these two flows.

Hi @dram

Great eyes on this one. This is actually a separate issue than that previous thread so I moved it here.

Our team just uncovered this and we are working with the Product and Engineering teams to get this resolved.

That said, it looks like if you make any other changes after making the global swatch change, the changes will publish as expected. Does this work on your end as well?

​Thanks in advance.

Affirmative, any other change in the style panel (well, I didn’t test every possible action of course) will result in applying the changes to the swatch. Woah, that’s trippy!

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Definitely weird for sure! Hoping to have this fixed soon :bowing_man:


Hi @dram

​Thank you again for posting about this global swatch behavior.

​I wanted to give you a heads up that our team pushed a fix for this issue. :tada:


Awesome! Thank you very much!

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