Global Swatches Not Updating On Published Site

I’m experiencing the issue described here:

Changing global color values and then immediately publishing results in incorrect color value or no change at all. All other changes publish fine.

Thanks for your time!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Sorry, just to clarify that the post I referenced says the bug was fixed, which is why I’m posting now. Sorry for the confusion!

@Ricky_Williams have you reported this to webflow directly? That way they can take a look once they’re back in the office.

Oh, no I haven’t! This is my first time on the forum and am becoming familiar with Webflow in general. How would I go about notifying them directly?

Thanks for your reply!

@Ricky_Williams No problem. Here’s how to file a bug report. You might have to click the images to see the full image.
There’s a button inside the designer for this. Click the question mark button

You’ll get a menu open up. Select ‘help and feedback’.
You’ll see this screen
image . Click the link to ‘send feedback’. You’ll see a contact form. Under ‘choose a topic’, pick ‘bug report’.
That’s the easiest way to notify webflow of an issue like this :slight_smile:

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