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Edit Meta description for a single CMS page

Hey guys,

A general question.

I have a blog on the website done through a CMS collection. I understand that I could pull a dynamic meta title and description from the collection and each page would look differently on Google.

But is there a way to add an additional meta description tag just to a single page within a collection and that it was NOT present on the rest of the pages? For example “Download Now” tag. Because the download file would be only on one of the pages from the whole collection. So I would need it to be only on one of the collection items.

Or do I just create a new field in the CMS collection and fill this field only on that specific collection item as “Download Now”. And then add this field as the second tag in Meta Description field within the page settings menu? And therefore because this collection field is filled only on of the collection items it would be present for this page on Google, and the rest of the collection items wouldn’t feature this tag because the field for this collection item is empty there?


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Hi @meetingingorkipark, I would probably create a new text field and include that to your meta tag setup and for those collection items where the text “download” field text is empty, there would not be any output text in the meta tag for that empty text “download” field in the collection.

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