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Setting META Descriptions and Page Titles for Collection Pages


I am trying to add specific and META Descriptions to each collection page, but I cannot find where to complete this.

I can see here: 03.20.2021-08.29.53 where i can set general template layout for both, but I cannot see where I can set specific and META Descriptions to each collection page.

I am sure I could do this, I think I have just forgotten where to go!! :slight_smile:

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Hey @rob1968 ,

You need to add fields in your CMS to be able to pull from them into your page settings. You need to add 2 sepparate text fields to use for SEO Title and SEO Description and one image field to use for OG Image. After Adding them into your CMS You can dinamically pull them into each page by pressing on +Add Field ( Purple button shown in the screenshot you left here).

Let me know how it goes and if you need more guidance, cheers!

Sorry not sure where you mean.

So I go to the specific 'collections page" to add?

All I can see when I go there is layout management. Nothing about adding fields?

Well unless I am missing something?

When you hover " Random Showcase" ( Just an example I made ) it should show up little wheel, once it does you can press on it and it will open up the pannel that you see on the image. Below there you will see an option for custom fields and you’ll be able to add new custom fields, add 2 text fields and one image field.

Let me know if there is still some confusion, cheers

Thanks for the screenshot, I went to the same place, and there is no ADD Field there? See here: 03.21.2021-08.02.55

Sorry, I am obviously missing something?!

Sorry any idea where I am going wrong?

CAn anyone help? please?