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Edit hidden/overlapped text element

Hi everyone,

I wonder if there is an easy way in the designer to edit the content of a text element on the canvas which is overlapped by another element - other than by temporarily changing its z-index or the structure.

Such elements, positioned behind another element, now seem to be inaccessible by clicking on them, even when you select them in the navigator.

Wouldn’t it make sense, for example, to add ‘Edit’ to the other options in the ‘right-click menu’ of the element, so that we could select any element in the navigator, then right-click on it, choose ‘Edit’ and start editing?

It could potentially be useful even for hidden elements that could be made temporarily visible this way for the purposes of editing… or accessible in a little floating panel… (That would mean that the ‘right-click menu’ would have to be accessible from the navigator itself, too.)

Could you share your ‘best practices’? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Completely agree - this would be so helpful in so many situations!

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