Client requires to edit hidden elements in the Editor

I’m running into a problem where my client requires (text) Editing acces to a hidden element. The element, a lay-over, is now hidden through its display setting, and becomes visible upon interacting with another element. I’m aware of ability to hide this element using the initial state of the interaction, making it visible in the editor layout. However, the element is a full lay-over, making it block all the other content of the page.

How would you go about this? Is there a technical solution for this, or do I tell my client to edit it in the Designer? A last resort would be that the client contacts me when the element requires text changes, but this is obviously not ideal.


Depends on what’s in the overlay and what editing capabilities they need- however in most cases I resolve this by putting the content on a “secret” page and allowing them to edit it there.

This is especially good for pop-ups which would otherwise present some real editor UX challenges.

In general I’ll use a component for the inner content ( both pages ) and then on the page I want it hidden that visibility or interaction will be controlled by a wrapper element surrounding the component.


That’s a very clever solution. I’ll use this in the future. Thanks!