How to Edit Text Layers When Other Layers Are Overlapping

Hey guys,

I’m new to Webflow and just purchased a template to get started. I can’t edit certain text layers that are overlapping because other text layers within or above are in the way. I tried to hide the other text layers but the whole sequence is inherited within each other. Is there anyway around this so I can edit the text individually?

I tried to double click the text layer in the navigator (like in adobe apps) but it doesn’t look like it’s a function.

Any help is great, thanks!

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That would be cool if we could easily edit the content of a selected text element.

You can use Symbols. Make a symbol out of your difficult to access elements. Then either lay over those symbols in a utility page and edit their content from there, or define a content override field for the text and edit it in the Settings panel.

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Hey Vincent,

Thanks for the feedback, I just created a dummy class and set the z-index to 1, changed the text then deleted that z-index class. Little did I know you can press on the text layer in navigator, hit enter then it can become editable.

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