Ability to select & edit overlapping text elements

Hi, seems to happen frequently that I manage to build situations where clicking to edit a text element is not possible on editor canvas. For example, could be that there are 4 similar text elements on top of each other (at the initial stage of animation). It is possible to edit only one, others cannot be selected for edit.

Idea: there could be a way to activate text edit on hierarchy panel because there everything can be always selected.

If you use the CMS you can create a collection with all of the data fields and bind them to a dynamic list on a page (it’s crazy what you can build with them), and then just bind text fields, colors, images, links and more. Makes it much easier to creat additional items and easy to edit them in the CMS.

Ok, that would actually work for several cases!

Here’s what was done, a simple case but still - the ability to dive into text edit would have been choice number 1 since there were only the 4 words which are seen in the animation when you go and click the cyan “diamond” on this page: http://skyhigh.vc

Need to learn more CMS…

br Tomas

Yep you can integrate that entire piece with the CMS so it’s super easy to update, as if you’re updating a blog post or showcase. :slight_smile: Could even add additional ones if you’d like or just keep the one post. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions about integrating the CMS into that page. I would need to see a read-only link to further assist you on it. :smile:

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I’d like to add that the CMS solution is not ideal in the least.

Firstly - this only applies if you have a CMS subscription.
Secondly - that means I need to create a dynamic list for a purpose in which it is not intended. Correct me if i’m wrong here

I think @raulipadding’s idea for a solution should be 1st Prize


I managed to make the four texts and there is no need for CMS solution - I got the idea and believe it would work ok and the site has CMS active but still I personally would prefer the simplest for only 4 items. But thanks for the idea, it can be a useful later on.

What I’m now looking at, is the fact that when we run the animation on “diamond” - the screen grows a lot bigger and we get those scroll bars > not good, specially not good on mobile devices or any other browsers that automatically scale the view to fit screen (no scroll bars). Any ideas how to hard lock it not to do the growing of the canvas? At the same time it should still scale into the “full screen” as it looks like.